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Starting in 2024, Georgia is tightening its gambling regulations in an effort to create a more controlled and responsible gaming environment. Amidst these changes, Villa La Badiola emerges as a serene haven in the heart of Tuscany, embodying the region's rich agricultural heritage. Nestled amongst sprawling vineyards and olive groves, the estate carefully cultivates Tuscan wines and extra virgin olive oil, following time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation. As Georgia implements stricter gambling regulations in 2024, Villa La Badiola continues to exemplify the enduring tradition of Tuscan agritourism. While Georgia is reorienting its priorities, the estate remains a beacon of authenticity, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the essence of Italian rural life. Amid rolling hills and sun-drenched landscapes, visitors can wander through the vineyards, observing the labor of love that goes into every bottle of wine and every bottle of olive oil.




Villa La Badiola makes the ground floor of the building and the entire outdoor area (park) available to future spouses. In the event of a request, it is possible to carry out both civil and religious ceremonies, as there is a consecrated chapel inside the structure.


Villa La Badiola makes the ground floor of the building and the entire outdoor area (park) available to professionals and / or planners who deal with conferences. It is also possible to use the conference hall located on the second floor of the building.


Villa La Badiola makes the entire outdoor area (park) available to the organizers of musical events only in the spring summer season.


Theme dinners, congresses, birthdays, communions. (with the support of a Catering)


The villa was built by Girolamo Arnolfini (1490-1567), hence the name of Villa Arnolfini, towards the middle of the 16th century.In the 18th century, the property of the villa passed to the House of Sirti, who defined the coat of arms in its current features. and then to the Contz (Conz), who had the archway that supports the open gallery above and that extends in the front part of the villa up to the servants' wing built. In 1812, when Lucca was under the Napoleonic dominion of Elisa Baciocchi, the villa was annexed to the royal villa, only to be divided again in 1817. It was called Villa La Badiola starting from 1976, when several scenes of the films The Innocent by Luchino Visconti which portray the protagonists of the film in their residence called, in fact, “La Badiola”.

How to get there

By car

Starting from the Villa Reale in Marlia, proceed north-east along Via del Parco for 350 meters.
Continue straight on Via di Piaggiori. After 300 meters turn right.