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Hours and admission

from 30 October 2023 to 29 March 2024 
Mon-Fri: 11.30 am - 3.30 pm
Sat and Sun: closed

from 2 April to 25 October 2024
Mon-Fri: 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Sat and Sun: closed

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  Adult Group 10-29 pax Group >30 pax
Villa + Park € 7,00 € 6,00 € 5,00
Free: children 10 and under, travel courier

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The Benedetti were the first owners of the Villa in the 1500 then purchased by the Cenami and afterwards, by the Mansi family.

The park is accessible from the east side of the surrounding wall, through the stables court yard, crossing then a little bridge that that introduces to the water architectures of the eastern part of the garden. Little cascades flows toward a large area where the big fishpond, decorated with balaustrade protected by statues, is located.

The shape of the Villa, with its elegant and refined patterns of gentle chromatic alternations, and soft vibration of light and shade effects created by the architect Muzio Oddi, appears in the background of the english-style garden between the mass of the large trees that flanks the big lawn.

The main floor (called “Piano Nobile”) is composed by a series of interconnecting rooms overlooking the central hall, frescoed by Stefano Tofanelli, a neo-classical artists from Lucca.

According to one of the most appreciated local legends, it’s in these rooms and in the garden that wanders the ghost of gorgeous Lucida Mansi, victim of a wicked agreement with the devil.