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Villa Franchini, thanks to its striking classic-antique charm, is today a superb and elegant location set in the Tuscan countryside that lends itself perfectly as a backdrop to refined and romantic events. The romantic English-style garden surrounded by the walls and divided into various green areas, lends itself perfectly to hosting receptions with live music and banquets en plein air. The Villa is able to accommodate up to 120 people inside, and includes a banquet hall and a ballroom. The staff who manage the Villa will be available at all times to guarantee you the best service. The lovely circular grove of trees, the avenue lined with scented Tigli, the panoramic swimming pool area and close proximity to the city are just some of the qualities that make this property unique. In addition, there is a large field that can be used for parking up to more than 100 cars. To ensure the best service and complete satisfaction of the guests, the Villa collaborates with the best caterers offering highest quality cuisine, as well as a choice of musical entertainment. From the symbolic ceremony in the grove, to the aperitivo in the heart-designed garden, up to the dinner in front of the Villa and the cutting of the cake at the top of the staircase: every moment will be punctuated by a change of scenery that will leave guests with the memory of a perfect day.


“Al Bosco Tondo” refers to the circular grove located on the left side of the Villa property. Originally intended for catching birds, over time it came to mean simply a grove to find coolness in the hotter months, and now used for civil weddings ceremonies. The property, built in the latter half of the seventeenth century, passed first into the hands of the Ottolini -Balbani and then to the Bruscalupi and Pollera families, up to the current Franchini owners, who occupied the home for nearly one hundred years. It is characterized by its sobre and clean lines: a compact rectangle served by an elegant U-shaped double front staircase, which embraces almost the entire facade, accentuating the entrance to the grand hall. Set on a gentle hill, the Villa is located in the center of a luxuriant 6-hectare park where various picturesque panoramas of the surrounding countryside and Tuscan hills can be admired. The property is accessed by coming down a beautiful avenue of scented tigli trees, characteristic of private parks of the 1700s: a lovely green tunnel leading to the walls surrounding the Villa, which also ensure complete privacy and tranquillity. The house occupies the center of a large semi-oval parterre set in a romantic English-style garden. The heart-shaped front lawn of the Villa slopes slightly towards the large front gate and is surrounded by century-old oak trees, allowing double access to the property and representing a romantic setting of extraordinary beauty. The various rooms, that have remained almost unchanged over time, are furnished with furniture acquired from the 1600s onwards, and for those who enter it is a step into another era. Surrounding the walls is an expanse covering approximately 4 hectares with a large, grassy meadow which becomes a gentle landscape framed by hay bales during the harvest period.